A Place to Call Home

If you grew up in a Christian home with parents who attended church regularly, you know the sensation of the familiar. With traditional values and church “the way it has always been,” you will feel as if you have come home. It’s a good feeling.


A Place to Make Friends

Church is for worship, no doubt about that. It is also a place to make friends—not just any friends, but friends who share the same faith and hold the same values. Since friends play a vital role in the direction we take in life, Peoples Baptist Church is a good place to start.


A Place to Be Refreshed

Have you ever left a service and thought, “That was just what I needed”?  It happens often. God speaks to the man of God what our hearts need to hear. Sometimes it brings necessary conviction, and equally often it brings much-needed encouragement. PBC provides a hub for you and your family to be refreshed.